Equifax Credit Reporting Complaint

Credit monitoring or identity protection problem with fraud alerts

Equifax Credit reporting department,

Credit monitoring or identity protection Problem with fraud alerts Texas

On Thursday, - -, 2016 I receive a Temporary Initial Security Alert Notification ( - ) from - in the mail dated Friday - -, 2016. On Saturday, - -, 2016 - new confirmation numbers appeared on my Equifax Check Status Table indicating a Fraud Alert was placed on my Equifax Credit Report On Thursday, - -, 2016. When I called Equifax on Friday, - -, 2016 to remove this Unauthorized Fraud Alert ( UFA ) ( Conformation Number - ) I was told that the Alert originated with Equifax ( Conformation Numbers - & - ) on Saturday, - -, 2016 one day after the date on the - Notification. The table clearly shows that some event occurring twice on Saturday, - -, 2016 originating the Fraud Alert that affected all my credit reports and took me a week to repair. Equifax said they received a written request from me in the mail. It took some guessing on my part but I finally got them to admit that the information that was used to concoct this fake request was my previous contact information from ten years prior. The only entity real or otherwise that was using my previous contact

Equifax back on Tuesday, - -, 2016 requesting they send me a copy of the letter used to make this false request to my current address their story had changed. They told me this time - - long holiday weekend latter, how convenient ) that there was no letter and that they where informed of all of this by - on Thursday, - -, 2016. How could - tell Equifax on Thursday, - -, 2016 about something they did n't know about it until Friday, - -, 2016? On Wednesday, - -, 2016 I was told by the fraud department that they could n't access the source of the Fraud Alert because it had been removed at my request on Friday, - -, 2016. On Friday, - -, 2016 I called Equifax to remove my old telephone number - -. Equifax refused to comply with my request and tried to charge me for Credit Lock or risk monitoring much the same way - did the previous day. On the same day Equifax told me - Bank reported Fraud. Now we 're getting somewhere! On Monday, - -, 2016 I received an Initial Fraud Alert notice from Equifax in the mail stating in brief " Thank you for contacting Equifax. As you requested ... '' and an Initial Alert notice from - in the mail stating, " At your request ... '' I DID NOT contact anybody to request Fraud Alerts be put on my Credit Reports. While checking Equifax Dispute Check Status page I noticed a new record - dated Sunday, - -, 2016. When I called Equifax they said there was another Fraud Alert on my Credit Report ( the forth overall ) and that they received this fraud Alert Request electronically from - Monday, - -, 2016 I called Equifax about - new confirmation numbers on the Equifax Check Status page and I was told they could n't tell me about them and they would have to transfer me to the fraud department. The fraud department told me that they received a Fraud Alert request in the mail again and then they told me it came to them form - again. The table also shows another double entry of an event that occurred on Monday, - -, 2016 this time only affecting my Equifax and - Credit Reports. So far and to date I have removed - Fraud Alert from - - Fraud Alerts from - and - Fraud Alerts from Equifax since the last week in - 2016. I 'm now asking for the second time in this narrative to receive from Equifax in writing any correspondence used in requesting the aforementioned Fraud Alerts.

Equifax customer in Texas
Jul 28, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Equifax response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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