Equifax Credit Reporting Complaint

Credit monitoring or identity protection problem with fraud alerts

Equifax Credit reporting department,

Credit monitoring or identity protection Problem with fraud alerts California

Equifax makes it very difficult to lift a security freeze. Here is what I had to do. 1. Called the number on my confirmation letter. The person told me it would take five days if he did it, but I could call another number for an automated system or do it online. 2. I called the other number. After asking for my SSN and address number, it told me it could n't process my request. I would guess this is because they have an old address even though I 've been at my current address for more than four years. 3. I tried online. The page they told me to go to did n't come up ( probably because I was n't using https ), but I was able to navigate from the home page. After filling out the first page, it sent me to a second page that said

4. I tried the automated phone line again using my previous address. It did not work. 5. I tried online again. Same result. 6. I called the original number and went through the process. At the end, he said it would take 15 minutes to 5 days. I said 5 days is unacceptable. He then said it would be 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Equifax customer in California
Jan 26, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Equifax response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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