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Credit card False statements or representation impersonated an attorney or official

Messerli & Kramer P.A. Debt collection department,

Credit card False statements or representation Impersonated an attorney or official Minnesota

In -, - I was laid off and went on unemployment for nearly 9 months. My son - in - - and as the sole provider I was unable to keep up with my financial obligations. I sought assistance with my creditors to keep my accounts in good standing. Many were helpful, some were not. Creditors that were not helpful sent my accounts into collections. Hence, this request for assistance with Messerli Kramer who is the representing attorney for - -. Once I found stable employment and got back on my feet I made every attempt to pay back all monies owed as it was debt that I incurred. Since - -, I made several attempts to reach a settlement with Messerli Kramer. I received many phone calls on my cell phone during the day at work which I could not answer. When I was able to speak with someone they stated they were an attorney in the collection department and were rude, insistent on immediate payment demanding of personal information such as finances and place of employment when I stated that I could not make immediate payment. I refused to give the information for 2 reasons, 1 ) it

he was an attorney, to which he promptly state, No, and I never said I was. I made offers to settle on their website which they stated they did not receive. When I submitted in writing their response was that their client - '' refused the offer which I believe is false based on the fact that - - offered me a settlement on another debt I owed that was 60 % of the original debt. Which I accepted. They aggressively pursued me by phone instead of in writing as requested, which I felt was an attempt to intimidate a deceive me. They threatened legal action every time. I stated I wanted to avoid that and resolve this. I upped my settlement offers and every time I did they upped theirs. They refused all payment terms I presented. I feel Messerli Kramer is now skirting the line if not crossing it. On - -, -, 1 year later, I received a letter from the - Court that a judge has been assigned my case. I was unaware that a suit had even been filed. I 'm now concerned that Messerli Kramer is attempting to seek a default judgement against me and will in turn garnish my wages and levy my bank accounts which will threaten my financial situation. I understand that they may or may not have done anything illegal but it is most certainly unethical in every sense. I 'm not attempting to get out of paying any debt I owe. I 've made fair and reasonable attempts to resolve this debt. Messerli Kramer, who represents - - has refused any and all offers and payment schedules. They are forcing me to pay what is now an even higher amount in full or go to court. I 'm uncertain why they refuse to work with me and I 'm seeking your assistance to resolve this as I feel they are forcing me into court or have already begun summary judgement proceedings.

Messerli & Kramer P.A. customer in Minnesota
Oct 15, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Messerli & Kramer P.A. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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