FHA mortgage Trouble during payment process

NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE Mortgage department,

FHA mortgage Trouble during payment process Washington

Mr. Cooper purchased our home loan from our original mortgage company about two years ago. We have always paid online and have never had an issue up until -/-/-. I always make two partial payments due to my paychecks. Again never an issue. On -/-/- I made my first half of my mortgage payment. On the - I made my second to witch they took two different amounts from my checking account. My wife and I have a - - old and a - year old and we live paycheck to paycheck. Due to Mr. Cooper taking multiple amounts out of our account we were overdraft it took over a week and 6 calls to have the money reimbursed. By this time other bills and personal purchases were made that we had to make and another - $ in overdrafts were charged to my checking. Mr. Cooper should be responsible for these. If the second amount they took was never taken then my bills and other purchases would of been without my bank fees. To top this on -/-/- they proceeded to make multiple bogus deposits and corrections on my Mr. Cooper account.I have called daily after -/-/- and beginning

my account that they can not give me an answer about. So maybe 30 days go by of trying to get a answer that nobody wants to answer and I get a foreclosure letter. Apparently Im 30 days late on - $ and I get a foreclosure notice? Ive been trying to resolve this but to know help, if you email customer service you just get a default reply email from them that nobody ever follows up on, just get the beat around from customer service on the phone and every call last 35-40mins that takes away from my kids and work to get absolutely no answer period.m. Daily calls of I need to make a payment and now getting more aggressive in there tone of voice, e-mail payment remainders daily. So I figured I cant loose my home over this so I agree to pay the - $ that Im apparently behind. I Make a payment agreement witch I never received any paperwork on yet, to spread the - $ over 3 months on top of my normal monthly mortgage payment. OK! Whatever it takes to keep my home. Still receiving calls on how I need to make a payment and emails. Yesterday -/-/- I received a call stating I have 14days until the For-closure process starts, I said how are you starting the process if I have an agreement for the payments and very rudely the lady said its just what I have to tell you. I have until -/-/- to make my first installment payment and Im getting calls about foreclosure starting in 14days? 60 days have passed since beginning of - and already a foreclosure process? I have been 100 % positively working to resolve this matter and even agree to pay the - . Dont forget the overdraft fees I got for their wrong doing and the - $ and - $ of unapplied funds they cant explain to me where they are. There payment activity logs are very shady and are obviously made up, especially on -/-/-. Almost like they purposely messed up my account.This is extremely bad business practices, threatening foreclosure, customer service beating around the bush, wont answer my questions, cant talk with the same person ever, no supervisor on shift to help. Default response emails that lead nowhere. This should be against the law how they run this business. Im fully onboard trying to resolve and Mr. Cooper just wants to push our family into foreclosure. My wife and I have lost countless hours of sleep filled with anxiety not knowing the future of our home that we worked so hard for so our children can be in a great neighborhood and schools.

NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE customer in Washington
May 02, 2019

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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