Pacific Union Financial, LLC Mortgage Complaint

FHA mortgage Trouble during payment process

Pacific Union Financial, LLC Mortgage department,

FHA mortgage Trouble during payment process Florida

- was purchased for a new home purchase on -/-/- form - - -.On -/-/- an inspection was conducted and I received notice on -/-/- that the water heater needed to be replaced due to its age and location, as well as, a missing shut off valve in the guest bathroom.I contacted the customer service dept and explained that the water heater was inspected in - and was in very good condition and the work being requested was significant and costly, and wasnt financially feesible at the time. I was told that the policy would not be cancelled, however, not renewed, if the work was n't completed by that time of renewal. This information was incorrect, I received notice that the work needed to be completed by -/-/-. I then recieved a cancellation notice on -/-/- stating that the policy was being cancelled on -/-/-. Upon binding the policy with - - - on -/-/-, a home inspection report was sent to them for review and the information regarding both water heater and shut off valve was clearly indicated on it and they chose to bind the policy. As a result the coverage lapsed and I was not able to

policy for the time period of -/-/- to -/-/-. I called Pacific Union Financial on -/-/- to obtain clarification and was told that unless I provide proof of insurance this amount woud be added to my mortgage. I explained to them that I was in disagreement with this because this lapse occured in the past and the home was currently insured. I asked for them to justify placing insurance on the home to cover the past and the nature of the risk being assumed for this period of time, which had already past. I was told that it was thier policy.

Pacific Union Financial, LLC customer in Florida
Dec 13, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Pacific Union Financial, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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