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Round Point Mortgage Mortgage department,

FHA mortgage Loan servicing, payments, escrow account Texas

This is in rebuttal to previous complaint - against RoundPoint Mortgage. First off regarding the response I get back- There are six indiscretions already and two more if you count the ( not once but twice ) incorrect addresses by which you sent the certified letter. Is n't it easy to see why I have to raise the complaint to another level. The one issue that raises the biggest concern is this- You service the loan for - and in light of the unusual circumstances and legal issues surrounding this case, do n't you think it is deserving of this situation to inquire instead of blindly assume that - would not want

to legal department, i.e.. - - and ask the question ... .. If accurate reporting is the ultimate goal here, can you see why it is wrong to report me as delinquent for 180 days or more when 1 ) there seems to be no indication that - was in the know on this and 2 ) I was n't in the know on this? Did I receive or can you show where I acknowledged by signature or any other legal means of proof that I was informed of this loan being reported as delinquent because I came out of a forbearance status? In fact, it was not a forbearance status at all. It seems this was just a category to drop this loan into when - agreed to partner with me in litigation against the builder. Again, if accurate reporting is the goal here, BLOCK all months and accurately report what it truly was! This is not because I could not pay or would not pay! So ask yourself, does it reflect accurate reporting? Lastly, why does it take 4-6 weeks to change what you have already admitted has been erroneous reporting?

Round Point Mortgage customer in Texas
Apr 12, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Round Point Mortgage response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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