Citibank Credit Card Complaint

Identity theft / Fraud / Embezzlement

Citibank Credit card department,

Identity theft / Fraud / Embezzlement Florida

Todays date:-/-/- To whom it may concern : -, - SOC SEC # - DOB -/-/- CURRENT ADDRESS - - -, -, FL - - Your company have violated FCRA 615 ( f ) ( 15 U.S.C. 1681m ( f ) ) ( f ) Prohibition on sale or transfer of debt caused by identity theft You have not responded to my request to provide me with an investigation report. I need this resolve, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, these disputed items may not appear on my credit report if they can not be supported by any evidence ( 1 ) In general No person ( company ) shall sell, transfer for consideration, or place for collection a debt that such person has been notified under section 1681c-2 of this title has resulted from identity theft.

( 3 ) Rule of construction Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to prohibit - ( A ) The repurchase of a debt in any case in which the assignee of the debt requires such repurchase because the debt has resulted from identity theft ; ( B ) the securitization of a debt or the pledging of a portfolio of debt as collateral in connection with a borrowing ; or ( C ) the transfer of debt as a result of a merger, acquisition, purchase and assumption transaction, or transfer of substantially all of the assets of an entity. A person that furnishes information to any consumer reporting agency shall have in place reasonable procedures to respond to any notification that it receives from a consumer reporting agency under section 1681c-2 of this title relating to information resulting from identity theft, to prevent that person from refurnishing such blocked information. The reference items are listed below please take this matter very serious - I have report your company to As a form of record and I am prepare to sue your company Example In re - - - , - Telephone Consumer Protection Act Litigation, Case No. -, in the U.S. District Court for the - - - California Stop collection proceedings against me Signatures on applications and accounts Investigators report -, - SOC SEC # - DOB -/-/- CURRENT ADDRESS - - -, -, FL -

Citibank customer in Florida
Apr 08, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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