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Citibank Credit card department,


During the middle of -/-/2017, I applied for the Brand Source Card at - - located in - -. I spoke with a customer service representative via phone to verify all of my personal information ( SS #, DL #, etc ) including my income. My information was verified via the Credit Bureau. I was approved immediately for a $4000.00 credit line to be used solely at - -. Fast forward to two months later, and they are currently requesting my income tax return when my credit limit is not even high. I called their customer service department today and advised that their business is shady and they only approved me for the credit card in order to finalize the sale with - -. I advised the representative, who did not identify herself, and gave her my authorization to speak to my wife. She advised my wife, that they were notified by an outside source that my income had changed significantly and that is why they are requesting our income tax return. Since I experienced identity theft before, I do not feel comfortable sending my tax return information to this credit card company. I advised the representative to close my account. It is unfortunate that - - has lost our business. With all due respect, this is a store credit card. I have owned several credit cards through out my life and have never experienced this bizarre and unethical situation with a credit card company before. I researched Brand Source Store credit card issued by Citibank and there are several negative reviews posted by account holders which describe shady business practices.

Citibank customer in Florida
Apr 05, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

Consumer disputes how Citibank handled their complaint

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