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- - -, MN - - : Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Modification I am in receipt of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 's responses to : Myself ; The Minnesota Attorney General 's Office ; and The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regarding my extreme opposition to Wells Fargo processing of home modifications and foreclosure processes. Attached is a chronological itemized list of events and supporting documentation regarding my account with Wells Fargo account from - - to present date. Wells Fargo 's response only includes documentation that attempts to support their position and intentionally omits several communications that they do not want to reveal. They have a broken system at best, and I believe that they put homeowners in a position where they can not recovery from and allow foreclosures to their benefit.

status reports on my account to include requests for additional documentation needed when it was already provided. On several occasions, I was informed that in fact they had received the information that was being again asked for. In addition, I was frequently transferred from specialist to specialist as they could n't figure out the status of my account. Whenever they got stuck with an issue, they reassigned me to a different specialist who would request all documentation be resent. This led to many wasted months of the modification process and put me in a position of losing all of my home owner rights after 28 years. Wells Fargo DID NOT address the number of times I FA-ED documents to them only to say they did not receive them. And in cases where they did not receive any documents, I would go back to the bank ( I only used Well 's FA- machines ) where they over and over again would say their fax was not working properly. Eventually, they recommended I use a different branch which I did, only to have the same thing happen. I have several Well 's employees that I got to know very well because of this. And I am prepared to have them testify to this situation. Therefore, I am requesting all documentation in their possession regarding my acct. Wells Fargo DID NOT address the number of phone calls I made to multiple Home Preservation Specialists who : Were not available ; Or, were available but could not figure out where my documents were ; Or Assistants who could not help me and failed to communicate my messages only to get one apology after another. Therefore, I am requesting all of their recorded phone conversations with me which will validate my claim. This matter continues to cause severe personal hardship and mental strain which can be validated by the VA Hospital. As an individual, homeowner and veteran of the US Military, I am requesting further investigation into their incompetence, deception, and fraudulent activities regarding Wells Fargo and these matters. Kindest Regards, -

Wells Fargo & Company customer in Minnesota
Mar 27, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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