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I went to - with my family on -/-/2017. A male staff member at the resort was caught by me and my - year old daughter, -, and he was blushing. This caused my daughter to be afraid and not want to go to the food court again. Later in the trip while I was away from her and my - year old, while they were in the arcade, another man was caught standing behind her in what was an attempt to speak to her. I interjected, and the man said he " had no children or grandchildren, but it was too late to start now ''. I asked - to call security and they responded that it was probably nothing and they would call security at the end of the shift and document my concerns. When I spoke to the manager at -, they said that this was nothing they would apologize for. I then put in a dispute with Citibank, since the vacation was charged on my double cash card. They then came back to me and stated they wanted a letter from - stating I was owed a credit. I do n't understand this.. I am disputing the bill because I did not get vacation. - 's own web site shows that there are contractual rules for non-disruptive and non alarming guest behavior -. But then Citi turns around and says they want something from - - whom I clearly identified as a party that is non-apologetic - that they want a letter from them stating I am owed a credit. This of course, will not happen because after being presented the final bill, - called me to say that I owed an additional $300.00 for purchases they missed when they gave me the final bill. And now that the dispute of $670.00 or the $3900.00 I charged is not going through - and Citi wo n't assist me with it - I am now over my credit limit. Why have a dispute group if they are just referring me back to the merchant?

Citibank customer in Connecticut
Mar 14, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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