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I was approached by - - at Wells Fargo ( - - - ) to refinance my mortgage in - of -. I agreed to terms, and we had a closing date of -/-/-. I made my traditional payment ( due the first of the month ) for - on -. Soon after, I was told that with my refinancing I would not have a - payment. I told - I had already made that payment, and asked what I should do. He directed me to customer service to get a refund. I called - on -/-/- at - and spoke with either - - or - - about getting a refund. I was told at first that the loan would process, and any refunds would be mailed in 6-8 weeks. I asked if there was a way to get that faster, and the rep said that since my due date had n't come yet, they could just issue me a refund. I asked if a refund would affect the refinancing in any way and was told it would not. The refund was issued. On -/-/- I received a letter dated -/-/- demanding payment of an outstanding balance of $1100.00

he informed me that after speaking with his supervisor - -, my balance with Wells Fargo reflected $0.00, and I should disregard the letter. I clarified that it seems like my payoff amount had processed before the refund was issued, and asked if that was the issue. I was reassured that no, it was not and to disregard the letter. On -/-/- around - I received a letter through - demanding payment of the $1100.00 by -/-/- or legal action would be taken. I called - - again, who was unavailable due to the holiday, and then reached out to customer service. They told me that the information - - and the original customer service rep had given me was incorrect and I needed to pay this amount immediately. I tried to explain the situation, and they said they would open a case and look into it. - at ext. - would be handling the case. On -/-/- at - - called me back to inform me that Wells Fargo could not recover the original phone call requesting the refund because they had no record of it and that the case would be closed and I needed to pay immediately. I demanded to speak to a supervisor, and on -/-/- received a call back from - -, ext -. I gave him the detailed information on the date and time of the original call with customer service, and he said another case would be opened. - - then called me at - on -/-/- and was very confrontational, attempting to turn this situation back on me and saying I should have known what would happen - all the while never confirming that if - - or a customer service rep gave me incorrect information that I should believe them instead. At this point, the only information I have in writing are the - letters demanding payment, as - -, - -, - - and - ( who 's last name I never got ) have all refused to put any information in writing about this situation.

Wells Fargo & Company customer in Missouri
Mar 07, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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