Synchrony Financial Credit Card Complaint

Delinquent account

Synchrony Financial Credit card department,

Delinquent account Tennessee

I was in a - in - of last year. When I brought my items to the counter for purchase the cashier asked if I wanted a Rewards Card. I thought it was a discount card similar to what you get at - or other retail stores. I filed out an application which the cashier entered into their system. She asked me several questions that had to do with credit and I asked her if this was a credit card not a rewards card. She said that it was. I told her that I did n't want a credit card but she proceeded to process the application anyway. A manager came over and told me that I could just cancel the card after paying the balance. However because my drivers license has my old address on it the card went there not to my current address. So I did n't get the card until the end of - after the payment was due. I called into let - know that. I told them I would go online and make the payment. However some of the information on the application must have been incorrect because it would not allow me to

this credit card and I wanted the negative marks on my credit removed and the card closed and then I would make the payment for the original amount I owed. I would not pay any late fees. The finance person said I would have to speak with customer service about that and gave me the exact same number I dialed to reach her. She said I would have to keep pressing the number sign until I got customer service. She never offered to transfer me nor would she take the payment for the original amount. I spoke with the collection agency yesterday who has called me everyday at least 5 times a day at all times of the day to let them know that I was disputing the late fees and would contact - and to make a note of what I had communicated to them. I just spoke with - and filed an internal compliant to request that any negative marks on my credit be removed and I paid the original balance of $46.00 after having to argue with the representative about my dispute of the late fees. The customer service person even tried to tell me that it is and is n't a credit card since it can only be used in their store?!? I had them repeat the amount to be charged to my card just to make sure. The customer service person said that he would forward the complaint and I would receive some communication about it within 20 to 30 days. This is unacceptable. My account is in collections so I will continue to receive these calls until this is settled. This needs to be handled ASAP! I want to make sure that none of these negative marks remain on my credit and that they consider this matter closed and that nothing else is owed and nothing negative remains on my credit or with their company with regards to this account. This the 2nd time I have been " tricked '' into getting a credit card with a cashier telling me that it was some sort of discount card instead. I have a - credit card for the same reason. It is fraudulent for these stores to misrepresent what you are applying for especially if it is actually a credit card and will affect your credit. I complained to - about it and they told me something similar to what - said. If its a credit card then that 's what should be said and they should represent it any other way. Its obvious that these stores are giving their staff incentives to get credit apps from customers and so the staff commits what amounts to fraud in order to solicit an application from an unsuspecting customer. Something should be done about this since it seems to be an ongoing occurrence in retail these days.

Synchrony Financial customer in Tennessee
Mar 03, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Synchrony Financial response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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