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FHA mortgage Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

Wells Fargo & Company Mortgage department,

FHA mortgage Loan servicing, payments, escrow account North Carolina

- -, 2017 ; Again in receipt of another stack of re-copied and duplicate WFHM paperwork, WFHM continues to resend duplicate information / responses to CFPB and the DOJ. This time the correspondence comes from - ( Executive Resolution Specialist / Customer Care and Recovery Group ). CC/Enc : to - of the NCDOJ. It is apparent in the continued re-sending and duplicated paperwork WFHM continues to re-copy and send in response, rather than send the information requested below. I have outlined plainly and simply the requests of my desired solutions and demands from WFHM, that they produce the necessary re-affirmation documents to clear up any and all confusion. If WFHM fails to produce these said documents, rather than sending re-copied information ( - pages in all ). It would further show that WFHM has failed to submit the documents to the - and the North Carolina Courts for Re-affirmation of the loan. Furthermore in an attempt to re-finance my automobile loan, due to the fact that my mortgage is not reported to the credit bureaus, I have been denied the chance to re-finance at the rate required, had my loan from WFHM been reported. I have also repeatedly provided

In receipt of the latest correspondence and again duplication of the same information WFHM continues to send in response to my submissions to the CFPB. - sent the latest outline of her findings, in which she states that we 've carefully research these matters and are providing you with an update on our research. It 's as follows : 1 ) Communication within WF 2 ) Requests for compensation for late fees 3 ) WF commitment to customers 4 ) Payment history 5 ) Chapter - bankruptcy reaffirmation 6 ) Credit Reporting 7 ) Status of account 8 ) Written communication only 9 ) Savings account concerns She ( - ), further states, we previously responded to ( most ) of the above concerns in the past, we are providing this response in summary of all information requested in lieu of a letter indicating all of the prior enclosures, per your request. These are generated and recycled responses and made with no documentation attached, which I have received since holding the loan. My goal is for WFHM to produce to the CFPB written documentation ( clear and concise ), detailing my correct payment history that corresponds with my attached bank statements and written documentation sent to - and the NC courts detailing reaffirmation. This details my request to CFPB ; 1 ) Written documentation of my correct payment history 2 ) Written documentation of reaffirmation sent to -/NC Courts 3 ) Written documentation of reporting my mortgage to all credit bureaus 4 ) Written documentation of money taken from the savings account prior to closing 5 ) Written documentation of WFHM grace period policy 6 ) Written documentation of how my cash payments were applied when I personally walked into the WF branches and made payments ( time stamps, dates, persons whom processed the payments, etc. ) 7 ) Written documentation and assurance that no accounts were opened in my name 8 ) Written documentation of any interest gained on the money WFHM accrued while holding funds and not applying them directly to my mortgage. It is my hope that I have clearly and concisely outlined any and all concerns of requests the CFPB and myself would like answered. Sincerely, -.

Wells Fargo & Company customer in North Carolina
Feb 09, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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