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" funds received '' of $1000.00, on -/-/- as Doc - shows under " activity since your last statement ''. same statement dated -/-/- under " important messages '' part of which reads " starting - -, - checks will be sent for all refunds, regardless of amount. '' no check but, a credit to my account. Wells Fargo did not do as statement reads. same mailing as Doc - & - explain the reason for refund and a credit ( not a check ). Wells Fargo did not allow me to be in control of the money they took from me. then after getting caught taking my re-fund they decided to add the amount to my principle. I feel it was not right for Wells Fargo to make this decision without my consent via the above rule that they stated in writing about overages. Wells Fargo added insult to injury as Doc - show a " - '' for $1000.00 as received -/-/- in which I had to pay taxes on the amount credited it the principal of my loan, which was a loss around $200.00, that I would have gotten back on my

Doc - shows more interest income for $24.00. I believe I have never received that refund, and I had to pay taxes on that amount as well! Wells Fargo has taken money from me, returns it to me but, decides to pay on the principle of my loan which benefits them ; and only after getting caught then you know what those nice folks did next, why yes, I have to pay taxes on the money they took form me, and already paid taxes on to pay the taxes again. Therefore, the end result was that I paid taxes twice on two different amounts, I believe that is double dipping and I am sure this is not legal. Also, they did not follow their own written policy regrading overages and refunds. When I called Wells Fargo on -/-/- to inquire about this concern I was told that, " well sir we could sent you back the payment you just made at the -/-/- ''. I thought, no thanks if I took that offer I would have to pay taxes on that in -. During the same conversation they had the audacity to ask if " would you like to refinance with us '' not now but thanks for nothing.

Wells Fargo & Company customer in New York
Feb 01, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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