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Credit line increase/decrease

Bank of America Credit card department,

Credit line increase/decrease Arkansas

Bank of America reduced my credit limit on - cards. - - I called in, talked with an agent and made $100.00 payment on each - cards. Normally I use automated system but did not have cards with me so spoke with agent who looked up the accounts. She did not once state the minimum payment due. - - I received an email from BOA stating that - account is late and my credit line is reduced on both accounts as of - -. Payment on - account was $7.00 less than minimum due. I called BOA -, was transferred 4 times and finally spoke to rep who stated she can see that error occurred and is BOA fault. She reversed the late fee and entered a dispute requesting full restoration of my credit line. The case # was -. I called back - to check status and again was transferred over 5 times and finally to escalation dept. I spoke with - - and explained the issue that I would have paid the $7.00 more if I had known. She said it is my responsibility to know how much is due. I immediately requested someone else and she gave

call of - - ; he said I would still have to request increase but he could " go in thru the back door & remove the inquiry from my credit report ''. I called back - talked with - - who said - was not in but he can help. - then stated that - had listened to the call and found that the rep applied the payments I as I requested. I asked if the rep had told me the minimum due and - said she is not required to. I told - the deceased limit would have a negative affect on my credit bureau. He stated the same process apply to anyone who miss paying the minimum. When I asked if he 's sure that 's always the case for any customer who pays a few dollars less, he said he can not be sure. After much of his redundant discussion I stated the resolution I want : BOA to reverse the action it took against my credit ; that there is no additional risk to my ability to repay due to $7.00 short of minimum. I have since paid $8000.00 total on the - cards. Case # -. I received BOA letter in mail - stating reasons as # accounts with balance, limited deposits, pattern of payment. All existed at the time credit was awarded and increased. As of -, I have fewer accounts with balances, BOA never required minimum deposits for card accounts and is not my primary bank and use of cards is 100 % for promo on balance transfers only which has helped me to pay off many other accounts. I pay minimum till promo matures then pay card balance. I paid $4000.00 on each card -. I have over 12 years credit history with BOA : mortgage, - checking, savings, - credit cards. Never late once. I have requested a phone number to - - CEO 's office and was told there is no number for customers. I was given mailing addresses instead. This is the most disgusting and disappointing treatment I have ever received from any creditor. What I thought would be an easy fix has turned into a horrible nightmare. If $7.00 is the extent of my value to BOA, then BOA is not worth the hundreds of thousands of credit I have vested in them. I will move my accounts from BOA with all deliberate speed.

Bank of America customer in Arkansas
Jan 19, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Bank of America response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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