Wells Fargo & Company Credit Card Complaint

Delinquent account

Wells Fargo & Company Credit card department,

Delinquent account New Mexico

Wells Fargo deducted $16000.00 from my personal account to cover a debt that my daughter and son-in-law had incurred with them as a guarantee for a business they own. Wells Fargo stated that they were allowed to do this because of the fact that in - of 2015 I placed my daughter as joint on - of my accounts. I put my daughter on the account as an act of estate planning so she would have easy access in case the need would arise for medical issues etc. for myself. Not my daughter nor my son-in-law had invested a single penny in the account prior to or after I added my daughter to that account. The money had been placed there by myself and my deceased husband which can be proven by where the deposits came from which was from our work or our personal tax returns. My daughter also did not spend any of the money in the account as it was not hers and did not have permission to do so!!! I did not know what was going on with the debt that my daughter and son-in-law had incurred with Wells Fargo or that they were behind on

get mail from Wells Fargo addressed to their business and then also my daughters name as though they were trying to associated the debt to my address and to me. I contacted Wells Fargo personally and was told nothing as I was not the business owner, but yet they can take my money from my account. I submitted paperwork at the local branch and all I got told is that they were allowed to do this. I had an attorney mail a letter and it was ignored ( Attached ). I had nothing to do with the debt of the business that was guaranteed by my daughter and son-in-law or had any doings with their business in any fashion. The debt was solely theirs and not mine. The fact that I put my daughter on my personal account for estate planning and to help ME in case of medical needs and for Wells Fargo to take MY money that my husband and I worked for not my daughters money is outrageous!!!!!!! She had - contributions to that account and it was not hers!!!!

Wells Fargo & Company customer in New Mexico
Jan 09, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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