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FHA mortgage Settlement process and costs

Wells Fargo & Company Mortgage department,

FHA mortgage Settlement process and costs Pennsylvania

On -/-/- Wells Fargo & myself settled on a short sale for my then rental property. I am filing a complaint because of their unprofessional, underhanded & unethical business practices from the beginning of the process even up to now ; and they also handled the process with a lack of integrity. I am very upset that they forced me to sign a waiver to keep my escrow money, prior to explaining or putting in writing how everything would be handled. And if l would n't have signed if they would n't have approved the short sale. Then they waited until after settlement with - verbal excuses in addition to the initial reason as to why l ca n't have my money. It was when I began to complain on many recorded conversations with them after they informed me verbally that the mortgage insurance will take care of any deficiency and - ( form ) monies that l would have been responsible for on the shortage. l have no final figures in writing & l just do n't know what it is they are doing. Now l 'm told by Hud that since we settled the file is closed &

the mtg ins is taking care of the losses why are they keeping my escrow money as if they are the IRS. I 've spoken to - different people within the last week and a half from -, & I 'm still waiting for an explanation. No one ever seems to know what the other - is doing. Just like when they kept giving my realtor & myself the run around. They added more stress to my life making me a nervous reck. The - reasons to keep the escrow was because l stopped paying the mortgage. Well l only had - tenant & others bills to pay. Then after settlement - more reasons ... ( 1 ) there was an escrow shortage. I told them it was n't short because it was for -/-/-. ( 2 ) They claimed they were in the arrears & had n't paid the ins or taxes. I told them how & why l know that was inaccurate. ( 3 ) They used the waiver against me. I told them they underhandedly forced me to sign it. Then they went back to, because l stopped paying the mortgage. So l told them since the insurance was handling it that they 're double dipping. They also gave me a payoff amount, but when they recorded on my credit report they gave a different amount. I have nothing in writing as to how the numbers were finalized. Meaning balance on mortgage, buyer 's cost, deficiency, etc. Please help me to releive this stress, because stress can kill a person. It is not clear to me what mortgage process this relates to below. I hope I checked the correct -. Also please understand this was a hardship for me and l am retired now after working close to - years. Thank you

Wells Fargo & Company customer in Pennsylvania
Dec 22, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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