Wells Fargo & Company Mortgage Complaint

FHA mortgage Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Wells Fargo & Company Mortgage department,

FHA mortgage Loan modification,collection,foreclosure Georgia

In - of - I lost my job and became worried about being able to make my mortgage payments. I called Wells Fargo Home Mortage to ask at what point payments made after the due date would report to the credit bureau. After a lengthy conversation with WF about my situation/concerns they suggested I take advantage of a WF Forebearance Plan for my future payments until I became employed again/ or was able to make my regular payments. After 2 additional conversations with WF prior to agreeing to this plan, I was assured two senerios would NOT happen. 1. No late payments would report to the bureau and 2. No lump sum of money would ever be due from me ( all late balances would be added to the end of my loan ). In - of -, ( btw while I was recovering from - ) I received a certified letter from WF stating that I was to pay $13000.00 or my home would be in foreclosure. I was in shock. I reached out to them to try and get this resolved by explaining what happened but I was very sick so I borrowed the money and paid the $ - to their attorneys. I was too sick to take this on. After recovering ( or so I though ) I had another - in - - which again forced me to put this unethical treatment on the back burned until I could fully recover. In - -, I had a copy of my credit bureau reports sent to me. All 3 show late payments of 120 days from Wells Fargo. The $ - was disbursed as monthly payments that were late even though I had paid the agreed amount on time based on their Forebearance plan amount. This negative reporting has been on my credit report since -.

Wells Fargo & Company customer in Georgia
Dec 13, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

Consumer disputes how Wells Fargo & Company handled their complaint

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