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Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.) Disclosure verification of debt not given enough info to verify debt

ERC Debt collection department,

Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.) Disclosure verification of debt Not given enough info to verify debt Oregon

Improper reporting to Credit Bureaus I found this company ERC on my credit report in - of 2016 after having a lender pull my credit. I have never heard of them before and have never heard from them whatsoever. I never talked to these people or received any notice or letter from them. Was not aware of their existence until -. The - accounts that they reported to all - credit bureaus were showing closed. I disputed them because I have never heard of this company before. After I disputed, ERC updated my credit report and started reporting them as OPEN, even though they were previously showing closed, they are old. I called the number several times to try to find out what this was about to no avail. I have yet to receive any call back or any information from anyone at ERC. Through some digging of my own, I found out that these - accounts ( att and sprint ) are allegedly old debts that they bought from these companies. They must have bought them and then IMMEDIATELY started reporting them because again, they have never made any contact with me before reporting to all CRAs. The funny

would not have been able to get new services with them, without paying it or if at all. The alleged - bill is an even bigger deal because it is much higher. It will always be crucial to me to verify or validate any debt that any company says I have due to the fact that I have had my SS # used by a family member in the past year ago and so I will always require validation just to make sure it actually does belong to me and to avoid becoming a victim at any point again. This was never done by ERC. As I stated, they simply bought these debts and starting reporting them, it seems. That collection tactic, I guess, is designed to shock/scare the consumer into to paying when they discover the surprise. The only thing they have done is to update my credit report and to change it from closed to open - now almost 4 years later.

ERC customer in Oregon
Aug 23, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

ERC response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

Consumer disputes how ERC handled their complaint

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