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Medical Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed debt is not mine

ProCollect, Inc Debt collection department,

Medical Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed Debt is not mine Texas

I have been receiving collection letters and telephone calls from ProCollect, Inc., - - -, -, T- -, telephone no. -, since last year, on a debt I do not owe. I have had multiple telephone calls with the staff of this company, the most recent on : 1 ) - -, - at - with - -, 2. - -, - at - with - - and today, - -, - at -. with a supervisor, - -. In - - I had a medical emergency which required me to visit - - - -, - - - -, -, Texas -. Before going to the Emergency Room, I checked with my - Provider ( - - - - ) to verify if the hospital was considered " - '' on my plan. They confirmed the hospital was an " - - '' provider.

Several months later I received a bill for services sent by the Emergency Room doctor. I called the hospital and was told the bill was for certain services, which were separate from the hospital bill, as the Emergency Room physicians were considered outside independent contractors not covered by - - - -. Such information was not disclosed to me by the hospital at the time of admittance. I asked the hospital to provide me with the forms I signed during my admission to the hospital including any form where I was informed by the hospital staff that the Emergency Room physicians were not - - - - " in-network '' providers and that I was agreeing to be responsible for paying any services provided by such physicians that - - - - would not cover. As we went thru the forms, the hospital acknowledged that there was no such form, that I had not been informed by its staff that the Emergency Room physicians were not - - - - " in-network '' providers nor was I required to pay for any services provided by such physicians that - - - - would not cover. I was the told by the hospital that they would take care of the fee and I would not be held responsible. During multiple telephone conversations with the ProCollect staff, I explained the above facts and requested - -, - - and - - to provide me with any documents in their company 's possession proving that in - - I agreed to pay for medical care provided by " out-of-network '' physicians in the Emergency Room, which would support I owed the subject creditor the amount of $230.00. To date, I have not received the documents I requested from this company. On - -, -, the company sent a piece of paper, without any letterhead, with my name and a an amount written. There is nothing in this document that proves I owe a debt. In light of their failure to provide the evidence of debt I have requested on multiple occasions, I ask that ProCollect stop sending letters, stop calling me by telephone and to delete this debt from any credit bureau to which they may have reported it. They have failed to do so and have continued a pattern of continuous harassment by mail and by telephone, even after I had specifically requested them, by phone and in writing, to stop doing so. Your assistance will be appreciated to resolve this matter and put a stop to these illegal and unfair debt collection practices. Thank you. Respectfully, - - -

ProCollect, Inc customer in Texas
Aug 12, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

ProCollect, Inc response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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