Delbert Services Debt Collection Complaint

Payday loan Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed debt was paid

Delbert Services Debt collection department,

Payday loan Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed Debt was paid Illinois

When I began to transact business with Western Sky Financial on - -, -, I received $5000.00. To date, I have repaid $6300.00 : The original $5000.00 plus $1300.00 extra. With no official notice to me, Western Sky went out of business in - - yet, I unknowingly continued to pay towards the loan and follow all the rules handed to me by - and Delbert Services who acted as debt collectors and continued to harass and collect thousands of dollars for Western Sky. After discussing the loan with my tax preparer and embarking on my own investigating, I decided to stop paying Western Sky, -, and Delbert Services until I got answers. In - of -, I learned Western Sky hired the - - - - - -. Nothing Attorney - - submitted to the Attorney General Office of Illinois around - -, - sounded reasonable to me. Further, no one from the - - - - - - ever contacted me DIRECTLY, made - phone call, left - voice message instructing me to contact that LAW OFFICE, or delivered - piece of mail instructing me to do the same. If any of this had occurred, I would have

work out a mutually agreeable settlement in this matter ''. These instructions were typed within Attorney - 's response to the Illinois Attorney General Office. To me, this sounded like yet another invitation to speak with another customer service representative and be further kicked around again. I chose not to engage. For an entire year following, no one called or wrote me until - when a male representative from - began calling and left a message for me to contact his office to set up payment arrangements. Shortly after, in - and - -, I received debt collection letters from - informing me I now owed balances of $12000.00 in - -, and $12000.00 in - - : - balances being well over and above the original amount of $5000.00 borrowed. After checking my credit reports with - in - of -, I discovered that - followed through on their threats to report negatively on my credit reports therefore further damaging my chances to receive honest credit from honest lenders. Surprisingly, nothing was ever negatively reported regarding either Western Sky, -, or Delbert Services in -, or -. I believe the only thing I ever saw was either - or Delbert Services listed as a creditor on my reports but neither ever reported any dollar amounts or payment histories.Western Sky was never listed and they were the ones I got the money from. I also believe when I - began to complain back in - of -, the only thing I did see on my credit report was a closed '' account. I thought since the account was closed '', nothing else could or would be reported. I will verify what happened with the credit bureaus on a normal working day for accuracy because today is a national holiday. I will later be attaching the results from the bureaus.

Delbert Services customer in Illinois
May 26, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Delbert Services response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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