WAKEFIELD & ASSOCIATES, INC. Debt Collection Complaint

Medical False statements or representation indicated shouldn't respond to lawsuit

WAKEFIELD & ASSOCIATES, INC. Debt collection department,

Medical False statements or representation Indicated shouldn't respond to lawsuit Colorado

In the - week or - of -/-/-, collection agency, - MAILED me court papers which said on the - page to contact them and resolve prior to court date. And, make payment arrangements. I did. I am a - Veteran. I was in recovery from hospitalization and I did not have a wheelchair to be in court. This is why I made PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS according to court papers mailed to me. I called the phone number and was in contact with someone at collection agency who set up the agreement for my file # and sent the contract for me to sign. I sent signed contract back along with payment and paid according to contract. - of the medical bills was from 9 YEARS AGO IN -/-/- while the other few were medical bills from 1 YEAR AGO OR 1 MONTH AGO and were medical bills not even sent to me because BANNER HEALTH took over - - - and their computers were letting everyone 's medical bills in the community slip to local collection agencies. I did not know for 3 years my AGREEMENT/CONTRACT/PAYMENT/AND PAID IN FULL VERIFICATION FROM WAKEFIELD was - and the - - - - were e-filing a judgment that showed an amount less than a satisfied Agreement/Contract/Payment with overpayment of $75.00 never reimbursed by this collection agency. Injustice and lies to a court were done by this collection agency.

WAKEFIELD & ASSOCIATES, INC. customer in Colorado
Apr 22, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

WAKEFIELD & ASSOCIATES, INC. response to complaint:

Consumer disputes how WAKEFIELD & ASSOCIATES, INC. handled their complaint

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