Delbert Services Debt Collection Complaint

Payday loan Taking/threatening an illegal action sued w/o proper notification of suit

Delbert Services Debt collection department,

Payday loan Taking/threatening an illegal action Sued w/o proper notification of suit Florida

I have been getting calls for the last year or so regarding a debt from Western Sky my husband and I took out in - of 2013. I was unaware of the high interest rates on this loan and there came a point to where I could no longer afford to make payments. After getting calls from fraudulent lawyers stating that they were suing me for the debt owed I started doing some research. I was told - different companies had my purchased my debt, when I called all - companies none of them could give me a straight answer as to who now holds my debt and I can make a payment to remove said debt. I got a call this morning from - .... told me that I will be having certified documents sent to my residence and that I had to show - forms of id to receive said documents. I asked if - - - could n't send me a pay off breakdown and a breakdown of my debt. I was sent a settlement letter from - - - a few moments later with the settlement amount for the debt. I asked again for a breakdown of the debt it self and what all the charges were for, I got a voicemail from - stating that he could tell me the amounts over the phone. So I called back and asked for the debt breakdown so that I know this company inst fraud. they would not provide me with this information. So here I am now filing a complaint. I want them to stop harassing me and provide me with the correct information so I can get this debt paid and removed.

Delbert Services customer in Florida
Apr 11, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Delbert Services response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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