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Checking account Deposits and withdrawals Wisconsin

I have been a customer of TCF Bank for over 20 years since their operation as - in my area. Since on line banking was introduced, I have been irritated by the 'order of posting ' the bank uses. I admit I do have issues with a balance and finances are not my strong point, but I count on what I see on my view of my statement that TCF Bank 's website provides customers to see my balance and know if I can spend anything, and yes I know there might be checks that have not come thru yet. My concern is the view I, as the customer, see as far as order of posting and the guidelines the bank/bank employees get to see for the same transactions. I have learned they are two different programs and items are shown posted differently on both programs. I have read the terms and how things are posted, which seems to be the view the bank employees see and from my research does not seem to follow a set rule system in some postings. I am concerned they are not following their rules when posting items and sending transactions thru to processed

view of the account condition ) and then they end up returning an item and charging their fee ( of $37.00 per transaction that goes wrong ) or an item that goes over balance all of a sudden according to their view and then they pay the item but still charge the fee ( $37.00 ). I have several times printed my current screen of postings that they show me, only to come back later in the day to see a different order of postings. I have asked various tellers ( at different branches ) numerous times to explain to me why i see one thing and it looks a certain way ( ok and balanced ) and why they see another view. Some of them have gotten so confused over what is going on that I get a half baked answer once they think they figured out what happened. I understand running my account so tight and forgetting about a check that has n't cleared has - up my account a few times, but not to the extent that their view of book keeping has affected my finances. This has been going on longer than customer access to a daily balance statement online, and seriously I could pay off numerous other bills with the money that has been charged by these nefarious posting 'rules ' that seem to favor the bank 's account more often than the customer 's account balance. I have even written the TCF Bank head quarters ( email ) twice and have received no promise to look into anything nor a satisfactory explanation other than suggesting I reread the posting guidelines and/or keep more money in my account. I have also written a ( now forgotten ) national elected official in charge of finance stuff and received no answer. I am constantly irritated by the seemingly sneaky non-transparent practices that TCF Bank uses to maintain balances.

TCF National Bank customer in Wisconsin
Mar 23, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

TCF National Bank response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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