Synchrony Financial Credit Card Complaint

Credit line increase/decrease

Synchrony Financial Credit card department,

Credit line increase/decrease Tennessee

I just paid a large portion of my, R'US ' Mastercard from Toys r us and Babies r us, credit card off, to under - % usage when the credit card company decided to lower my credit limit and then immediately reported it to the credit bureaus so that it looks as though I am using - % of my available credit when it was below - %. On top of that, I paid - on my card and they lowered it from - to - leaving - dollars available and they did it based on false information that is being corrected and fixed on my credit accounts that I was unaware of. How am I supposed to get wrong information corrected on my credit when I am not informed that it was added to begin with! They wanted to use my debt to usage ratio as one reason when they are not even reporting their balances correctly? They also wanted to use my history of accounts as a reason when I can not control my history of what is being reported. How is this my fault or my responsibility to control when I can not? This hurts my credit and takes far longer to recover. It affects how much my interest rates are and costs me money.

Synchrony Financial customer in Tennessee
Sep 07, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Synchrony Financial response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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