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Installment loan Problems when you are unable to pay

Mariner Finance, LLC Consumer Loan department,

Installment loan Problems when you are unable to pay Virginia

My significant other passed away. Before he passed, we took out a loan with Mariner Finance. Since his passing, this loan along with others have fallen behind. I have taken on all bills and have finally hit a wall not being able to pay my rent at all as well as these bills ontime. However, with the other places I have told of my situation and thwy put me on a hardship plan to help become current again. Mariner Finance threatened me with court attorney fees up to $1000.00 and garnishment of my bank account if I do n't become current by the - of -. I told them that I will do my best to pay towards what I owe but I have n't paid rent yet because of my hardship. Which I am trying to fix before this month 's end. The fact that thwy will not work with me to get current is very upsetting. I am behind $280.00 with Mariner Finance. They say that by the - I will become sued for court costs attorney costs as well as garnishment which will put me in a perfect poverish state of being. I have a - - - daughter and can not be put out on the street because of added on court fees. Everything is being paid I just need a plan with them to catch up. I 'm fighting my way back ... with everyone but I need a give qith this company

Mariner Finance, LLC customer in Virginia
Jul 19, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Mariner Finance, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

Consumer disputes how Mariner Finance, LLC handled their complaint

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