Oracle Financial Group LLC. Debt Collection Complaint

Disclosure verification of debt not given enough info to verify debt

Oracle Financial Group LLC. Debt collection department,

Disclosure verification of debt Not given enough info to verify debt Pennsylvania

Oracle Financial Group contacted me TODAY, -/-/-, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Their rep threatened me with litigation, and said that I WOULD HAVE TO PAY THEM $1000.00 BY TOMORROW, - - after I requested documentataion. Oracle is claiming that I owe on a defaulted installment loan from - ( - - ) that I took out via internet -/-/- while I resided in -. I called - - of Oracle today after he left me a voicemail this morning. During our call, he said that : ( 1 ) I owed Oracle $2600.00 on the - loan ; ( 2 ) I made $1500.00 in payments to - but defaulted ; ( 3 ) Oracle would file suit in - if I did n't pay in full ; ( 4 ) they would get a judgment that would exceed $4000.00 after fees ; and ( - ) they would garnish my wages. - - said I could make a $1500.00 lump sum payment to settle the debt. I said that I get - and that I am not working. I also said I could n't afford to settle. I asked to get the suit moved to - where I

He asked for credit card information, then suggested I get a prepaid card when I said I did n't have it. He said I 'd have to pay immediately in weekly or biweekly payments. I said I could try to pay up to $170.00, and then make more payments - but I needed to figure out how or if I could manage it. We agreed to talk again on Monday, -/-/-. I also asked for documentation of the debt. He then said he would give me a letter stating the debt was resolved after I paid in full. Later in the day on - -, I contacted the CFPB for guidance. I then called - - again, left a voicemail, and we spoke again at - when he called back. I felt uneasy about Oracle. So, I told - - that my uncle was thinking about helping me, but he insisted I get more information. I asked - - for a street address and he was evasive. He directed me to Oracle 's website. I googled it and found it while we were talking. I told him that there was no mailing address on their site. He then gave a PO Box and said correspondence and payments could be sent there. I asked for a street address again and he was hostile. I asked for his license number. He said I do n't have one, but, my company is licensed in every state. '' I asked if someone he was working with in his company had a license number, and he said no. He said I could go to - 's State Dept website to get their company ID # and see that they had been in business 6 years. I asked him for the ID #. He said that he did n't know it. He kept interrupting me and said, this call did n't sit well with him '' and I was asking him to jump through hoops. '' I stated that I refused to discuss this any further until I received a written debt validation notice with the : ( 1 ) debt amount, ( 2 ) debtor 's name, and ( 3 ) a description of my rights under the fair credit debt protection act. '' He refused to provide a letter and said clearly you know you '' made payments, and that my consecutive payments from -/-/- to -/-/- is my verification ''. He argued, but later said that HE WAS EMAILING ME A LETTER TODAY '' STATING THAT : ( 1 ) MY DEBT WAS $2600.00, AND ( 2 ) THAT I OWED $1000.00 AND IT WAS DUE TODAY. He said too that the email would go to the address I used to get the - loan, -- ''. A few moments later, he said the $1000.00 was now due tomorrow. He said if that was n't good enough '' he would secure this another way. '' He said I would have to deal with the consequences. '' He then said good luck '' and hung up on me. I had not received - - 's email as of - today ( -/-/- ).

Oracle Financial Group LLC. customer in Pennsylvania
Jun 25, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Oracle Financial Group LLC. response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

Consumer disputes how Oracle Financial Group LLC. handled their complaint

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