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Took or threatened to take negative or legal action threatened or suggested your credit would be damaged

ProCollect, Inc Debt collection department,

I do not know Took or threatened to take negative or legal action Threatened or suggested your credit would be damaged New York

1. Debt collection, about the move-out charge for bed 2. I solved the issues with the rental company before already, but they keep letting debt collector contact me for the money, and now they denied we solved the issue before. 3. Dear CFPB : Thank you so much for taking the time to read all those and helping me. Two years ago, I lived in - - at - - : - - -, - -, PA -, - -- three bedrooms house. During the staying, I switched houses in between, so I lived in two furnished houses with this company for around two years and never had any late, missing payment or damage ever.

from the room to the living room because they have their own bed ( I revisit the house on - and lived in my friends room - for one night, so I saw with my own eyes, the bed was good downstairs ). My room was supposed to be inspected before the sublease move in. When new people move in, new people and company will do inspection together as well. I did not receive any notifications about any damage charges after I moved out and before the sublease moved in. So I assumed there were no damages. But around one to two weeks after the sublease moved in, I received an email from the office, saying there was a $120.00 damage charge on the bed with photo token sent after sublease moved in for weeks already. If the damage was caused by me, they could find out during inspections and send to me during the inspection period. But the damage was reported to me after other people moved in already and after all the previous inspection period past. Therefore, I called the office about it, the office said it didnt make sense, not to worry, they will take care. So I didnt worry, trusted them, didnt ask any emails to confirm and let it go. Around -/-/- -/-/- ( dont remember when ) I keep getting debt collectors phone calls to ask me for this money ( at this time its not on my credit record ). I was shocked. So I called the office again for the situation and the collector issues, the girl who picked up my phone put me on hold talking to the higher manager, and then tell me not to worry again, they will contact the debt collector about it, might take some time but they will handle it. I should remember her name and ask her to send me a confirmation email but I didnt. - me This - I saw my FICO score started to drop for the reason of the presence of derogatory public collection. I thought they need some time for FICO to take it down and my father past away so I was busy handling my family and myself, didnt keep tracking the progress. But now the note is still there, so I feel there is something wrong. I called - - again today, this time was different girl picked up my phone, denied I solved the issue with them before, asked me for writings from office to prove and saying I have to deal with the debt collector, once they hand the case to collector, it is out of their hand and refuse to discuss the damage issues with me. I have - credit cards for years with perfect records, my highest FICO score was above 800 for months. Rented a few apartments, never late or miss any payment. If I should pay, I will never refuse to pay. If it was not them told me I don't need to worry, I won't let any payment be this late to show on my credit record. I paid everything for my life for the amount much greater than this $120.00. I have no reasons to delay any payment for two years I am always - student in school, been on -- - for the entire college. I promise with my own life that it was not me causing the damages in the first place, and I didnt mean to delay or avoid any payments. Everything I said above is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Despite my daily life is ruined by hundreds of phone calls from a debt collector, my credit history is ruined because of it. I am so worried that my future will be negative impacted by this because I know how important a perfect credit history is. Its the first time I face such a situation ; I really dont know what to do now. Please help me. No matter what, thank you so much for everything. I sincerely appreciate all your time and helps. Sincerely yours, 4. - at - - Address:- - - - - - - PA - Phone : ( - ) - 5. Don't know I am bad at names ; I didnt deliberately remember or write down their names who talked to me. I am so so sorry. Debt collector : PROCOLLECT , INC Phone Number : ( - ) - Address : - - - - - -, T- -

ProCollect, Inc customer in New York
Sep 06, 2019

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

ProCollect, Inc response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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