TransUnion Intermediate Holdings, Inc. Credit Reporting Complaint

Incorrect information on credit report personal information

TransUnion Intermediate Holdings, Inc. Credit reporting department,

Incorrect information on credit report Personal information California

To whom this may concern, I am writing to report that address information on my credit report is entirely incorrect. Specifically, according to TransUnion, I lived at " CEASE DESIST, -, SD - '' from at least -/-/2015 to present. ( Please see attached credit report ) Obviously " CEASE DESIST, -, SD - '' is not a valid address and it should be investigated and immediately removed. An investigation is required because I wish to know whether it was TransUnion or another financial entity that reported this clearly erroneous information that violated the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumer protection laws, and state laws. If this is a record inserted by TransUnion I want to know why this record was inserted and what justification TransUnion can provide - be specific as to why TransUnion believed that submitting a know to be false address to my credit report meets the " true and accurate '' requirements of federal law. If another financial institution reported this information, please provide to me the name, address, date, and contact information for the financial institution that reported this information. By putting/accepting, and maintaining known to be false information on my credit report, TransUnion and their affiliates have effectively barred me from opening any bank accounts that conduct an address / residence check by comparing consumer provided information to credit report record information. As the CFPB has become aware, locking consumers out of financial products is highly damaging and there is reason to believe that this behavior is widespread effective thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other customers.

TransUnion Intermediate Holdings, Inc. customer in California
Apr 09, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

TransUnion Intermediate Holdings, Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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