USAA Savings Credit Card Complaint

Delinquent account

USAA Savings Credit card department,

Delinquent account New York

-/-/2017 - Called USAA to set up 60 month pay off agreement. Was told will have to go through income verification worksheet. Was told that a payment is needed within 15 days of agreement, I notified rep that I would call back next week so I would be able to comply with the 15 day payment agreement. -/-/2017 - Called USAA to set up this pay off agreement previously mentioned. Went through the financial information with associate. I was told that my income met the guidelines, however because my account is 4 months overdue, I would not qualify for a long-term repayment plan. I repeated what rep told me last week and was told that it must have been an oversight. The current representative I was on the phone with told me that I he saw what was notated on the account and agreed with me. He transferred me to a supervisor voicemail and said that I should receive a phone call back before the end of the business day. Representative offered me two other options : 12 month payments of $64.00 and would go back to normal interest rate even though the account is closed. I could also make three payments of $160.00 and bring the account current, however it would remain closed. I am getting the run around, meanwhile they continue to rack on fees and interest while I am legitimately trying to get my finances in order with them.

USAA Savings customer in New York
Apr 04, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

USAA Savings response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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