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Dear CFPB, I received my first Credit Card on -/-/- and use them all those years, but past 7 months have issue with Citi Bank Credit Card, Dispute which I never experience in my life, right in USA can one large bank do to their customer. I went to Dr in MD and the cost of procedures was $16.00. and I did use - of my Credit Cards for payments the first proceeders the Dr. did was was extremely awful I went through many medicalI waited for 2 weeks and it was very bad I contacted Medical Bored and report and I did send them the pictures before and after they did ask me how I paid and I told them they said Dispute all of your CC we need to investigate. Then I went to - - Dr. and they gave me a letter indicated I was not candidate for - 100 %. - of my credit cards they accepted my Dispute and they send me back my $4000.00 each one, which I already paid for it. The Citi Credit cade since -/-/- they start asking me documents and I did send it to them they lies after lies

90 days they send me their decision which was they denied my request because I did fully paid for charges. When I read I go crazy how this is possible from the beginning they knew I paid my bills. Why they ask me for all those documents and my times. I contacted Corporate Office and Executive Representative contacted me and all the LIES stared and keep saying we open an investigations but it was lie. I have almost 9 names from Executive Office they talk to me all called made by me and lie after lie and they all said I will call you tomorrow and I never received any call from them, I left 100 's of messages for them they never call me back, none. If someone listen to all the tape I did talk to the this large bank, they call it Citibank Executive Office they can not believe those uneducated, very impolite, nonsense, irresponsible, lier, are working for this large bake in USA and those people are employee in Citibank Executive Office, HOW in the world I should have this kind of experience. For many years I have business accounts, CC, all the difference accounts and I never ever not even close situations like this and I keep asking my self WHY. All this time they manipulate me, lies to me. I have all I say official documents with me to prof it what I said are 100 % correct. I hope one day one of Government Agencies or CFPB can defend me and make the Citi Card pay me back my $4000.00 which I paid to them and that Dr. which the damage he did on me unfortunately permanent and he does not deserve to make money like this, the State of MD are investigating on this and it takes time and I hope he lose or suspended his license and does not happen to others. Thank you

Citibank customer in Maryland
Mar 31, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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