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I setup a direct automatic draft payment, from my checking account, to pay my Macy 's - Inc. Credit Card in full every month. Macy 's would pull my full bill directly from my checking account. I setup this payment method around 4 years ago. In -/-/-, I used my Macy 's credit card. Macy 's apparently dropped my automatic draft payment agreement without any notice. According to Macy 's my automatic draft agreement expired without my knowledge. Macy 's made no attempt to contact me to let me know they were no longer pulling the funds to pay my bill. They did not send any correspondence to my home address. They claim to have sent statements to my email address. I reviewed my Macy 's Credit Card Account and found no information from Macy 's about my automatic draft expiring. It was n't until -/-/- did I receive a paper statement in the mail showing that I was 60 days past due. I immediately called Macy 's and paid the bill in full. Macy 's had already submitted a 30 day and a - delinquency on my credit report. I asked Macy 's to remove this delinquency. They removed the overpayments but refused to fix my credit report. I had an - Fico score prior to this discrepancy and now my - score is down to -. Macy 's - Inc. failed to provide any form of notification that the automatic draft payment expired. They allowed my account to go delinquent without any proper communication.

Citibank customer in Texas
Mar 29, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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