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On, I believe -/-/- I contacted my credit card company, along with the merchant, - on a three-way-call to request a credit for a payment I made with my Citi Credit Card on -/-/- in the amount of $550.00, which the merchant claimed she did n't receive. She stated the payment was processed via - who in-turn should have made the deposit to her bank account, but she claims she did not receive the payment. During the three-way-call the credit card customer service rep confirmed that the payment was indeed made to -. I was also able to see it on my account transactions. Well, at that moment we decided to request a credit for the $550.00 and I agreed to make the payment via -. ( This agreement between myself and the merchant was recorded by Citi Card Acct Services ). To my surprise the charge of $550.00 was put into dispute, but then I realized, of course. There was to be an investigation. The dispute was investigated and the merchant provided proof of the transaction. Then, of course the payment was posted back to my credit card account. In essence

open via email on -/-/-, which was the deadline for any other information I wanted to provide to keep the investigation going. In that email I asked the dispute dept to please contact the merchant again so they can confirm my story and that the merchant will not contest my dispute. I have been in contact the merchant throughout the whole dispute process and she agreed. They never did contact her. Then I received a notice, date -/-/- that the dispute was closed. I contacted Citi Card dispute dept and spoke to -, the Account Manager on -/-/- and, to make a long story short she denied my request to keep the case open or should I say re-open it even with the proof that I contacted them before the deadline with additional info via email. What would I like the outcome to be? I would like for the Citi Card Dispute Department to reopen my dispute, get in contact with the merchant, - and credit my account for the $550.00 and/or to follow the paper trail and confirm that the merchant really did n't receive the payment. I am not denying that the service was not rendered I am stating that I made a duplicate payment of $550.00. I am hoping that you can please provide me with the assistance I need to obtain my money. I accept responsibility for my ignorance but I should n't have to be punished for it.

Citibank customer in New York
Mar 27, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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