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Incorrect information on credit report account status

ProCollect, Inc Credit reporting department,

Incorrect information on credit report Account status Texas

I would like to file a complaint against Pro Collect for falsely reporting a debt to the credit bureau that we believe is not justified, also we never received notification that we owed any money from the complex. The first time we were made aware that we owed any money was months after we vacated the apartment complex. My husband received a call for the first time in -/-/- from a credit collector. The person stated that we owed money and that if we did not pay the bill in two days from the date of his call that he would report the amount owed to the credit bureau. My husband stated that he was not aware of any money owed. The gentleman stated that we owed money for an apartment we vacated in -/-/-. He said we vacated the premises early, broke the lease and was not available for a walk thru. He said that we had

the matter and call back before he paid any money. The creditor repeated the charges were valid and that we needed to pay in two days. He hung up with my husband and then contacted my cell phone several times. I contacted the property we formally resided at to inquire about charges we owed I spoke to - she said that she was an assistant manager. She said the apartment complex was under new management, so it would be difficult to answer any questions regarding the collection call we received. She was able to locate some records that noted that we owed money after we moved out. I informed her that everything was paid before we moved out in - and if we owed any money why did n't we ever receive a phone call or letter. She said that we may not have received notification if we broke the lease and vacated the property prior end of lease. I told her that we did not. I contacted Pro Collect to inquire about the bill and told by a young lady that if I had a dispute she could not assist me she could only take a payment. We paid our final bill prior to moving out and spoke directly to a manager and office clerk that informed us that we did not owe anything. If they noticed later that charges were not calculated correctly and money was due, it was management responsibility to ensure that we received notice of what was owed. We never received any calls or letters about any money owed until months after we vacated from a collection agency. We would have gladly paid any money owed to the complex if they had contacted us. We do not want any blemishes on our credit report we pride ourselves on paying our bills in a timely matter. My husband and I will pay any money owed but the debt must be removed from our credit reports because it is not our fault that the property management failed to communicate to us.

ProCollect, Inc customer in Texas
Mar 11, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

ProCollect, Inc response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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