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Delinquent account Virginia

This is regarding the Macy 's store credit card miss handling of payments made to the account by Macys. On - made purchase in store using the credit card ending in - and on the same day made cash payment in store for the same amount. I have the receipts for both purchase and payment both showing the account number correctly. However, Macys has somehow applied the purchase and payment to - different accounts separately showing the as if we owe Macys a payment. Not knowing this I remained under the impression that there is no outstanding balance to pay until I kept receiving automated system dialed calls asking me to call back regarding an important business matter. I made the call into Macys customer service on -/-/- when they have mentioned that they have misapplied the payment to wrong account and they will correct it and my balance owed is -. At this time I have looked at my statement for this account which showed a debit balance on my account as if I have an amount to be refunded to me. So after talking to customer service and based on what they have suggest to me that this

But surprisingly they have posted series of wrong transactions to my account mysteriously with the amount totaling to double what I have already paid and showing that I now owe them money. But did only realize these incorrect transactions on my account again when I started receiving automated calls from Macys again. So this time I tried to keep calling them and keep reporting and requesting to correct the situation. I have tried to explain and beg them to do some research on their side as to what happened and find the details in vein but they appeared to not committed to resolve this issue. Every time I call, a different representative will answer the call and I explain them again time and time again. But they do not seems to have any clue as to what is happening and never resolved. Every time I called they mentioned that they will open a dispute but I keep receiving calls from the collection agents in the meantime. Unfortunately, every time I call them only to find out no dispute was opened and there were no notes to that effect and I request dispute to be opened again. The last time I called them on -/-/- and talked to the customer service supervisors explaining the situation and requesting again to look into what is happening. Instead of investigating into this issue they have neither communicated any outcome of the dispute nor resolved the issue. To make things more worse for me I kept receiving collection calls hundreds of times and make my life even miserable with they reported this to the credit bureaus affecting the my credit negatively and kept adding the late fee and finance charges on my account. This is really troubling and adversely affecting my work and family having to deal with these issues despite me making the payment timely and did not owe any amount at all to Macys. I am attaching the

Citibank customer in Virginia
Mar 03, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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