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Billing disputes

Citibank Credit card department,

Billing disputes

Hello team, I need your help. Please can you assit me in resolving this mess that I have with - diffrent merchamts. Because of their bad faith and incopetence, they want to stole $290.00 from me. Thanks again. I rented a car with - back in -/-/-. Some of my items with a value of $290.00 dollars were stolen when the car was under their care. After I complained, and even thought admitted in one e-mail that they were sorry for the incident, they refused to take any responsibility. They stopped answering to my complains. I am attaching all of the correspondence between - and I. You can see that they stopped talking to me when I asked how they were going to give my money back. And you can see in one e-mail one of their employees apologized for their action, or betterto say

So I contacted Citi Bank, and make a formal complain with their billing dispute department. I presented my case of why they should not honor that charge. After many weeks of e-mails back and forth, my complained again - was dismissed. I disagreed with that decision. After I asked Citi Bank to review the decision back in -/-/-. 1. I asked my complained to be escalated. Only after -/-/- I was able to speak with - - - at Citi. So it took Citi bank 8 months. During that time I was insulted, ignored, never my request were listened on time. It was a total disrespected for a customer. When I spoke to - - - ( just in case, his direct telephone number is - ), I explained the problem in some detail., He mentioned that they can not made - responsible because it has passed much time. Now, this is a Citi Bank issue, because it took many months for my initial request to be acted upon. I told him the mistakes that I believe their billing dispute department made : 1. The e-mail sent by - employee apologizing for the theft. This e-mail should have been enough for Citi Bank to have make - responsible. This e-mail was ignored by Citi agent. She did not take any action. 2. I offered to have a three way conference call between -, Citi, and myself. This request was never listened. It was ignored as well. 3. I asked to Citi 's agent to explained what she needed when she requested some type of document that I did not understand. This person never responded again. 4. This person mentioned that Citi has some obligation to - 's bank to collect the money, does not matter what. Disregarding me as a Customer that were stolen $290.00. I spoke with - - -/-/-. He confirmed that Citi is not responsable for this charge because when I signed the rental car agrement, in one of the clauses says that - is not responsible for any theft. It sounds like they can steel anything from Customers, and they are not responsable., their hands are washed. Because I was told by - - - that is too late to make - responsabile. This delay was 100 % responsability of Citi Bank for not having taking my request for an earlier review seriusly, but I was workarounded and lie etc. I want for City Bank to credit my account for $290.00 dollars + interest. for the damage they did to me. I am enclosing all of the e-mails between I and -. Please pay attention of one e-mail in particular where one employee apologized for the theft. This happened after I asked how - was going to pay me back. If you agree with me, she ackwoledged what they stole the items. I also enclosing e-mails between Citi and I. Best Regards - -

Citibank customer in
Feb 27, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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