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Citibank Credit card department,

Delinquent account Nevada

Sometime in early - -, I received a letter dated -/-/- from -, - - - ( - # - ) a collection company about a Costco Anywhere - - card with an account number ending in # -. I immediately called my Costco Citicard that I use to inquire about this account ending in # - but I was placed on hold several times and was given a different number to call each time as according to the representative that I spoke to that since this account is now closed I needed to speak to another department. I called for - consecutive days trying clarify where the $290.00 balance that has been transferred to a collection agency came from since this was the first time I had any knowledge that I have a balance on a credit card that I thought I had already closed early in - when I closed by business. But no one can give the information and I was given a number to call to find out. But after calling the number I was given I was given the same information that another department was handling my case. Then on -/-/- I received a statement

with the representative for nearly an hour trying to get an information on where the charge came from I was told that the charge of $110.00 was charged on the Costco - - ( which was later transferred to Citicard Visa when Costco switched from using - - to - ) in - - and since then has been accumulating late charges and interests. I informed the representative that this was my very time to see a statement on this amount owed. I always pay my credit cards in full and thus have excellent credit history. I am afraid that this single transaction of $110.00 which has grown now to $290.00 and continues to grow from added interest and late payment penalty will put a big dent to my credit. Had I known that a credit card I no longer use since early - when I closed my business had a balance, I would have paid it in full. I never received any statement in the mail regarding this charge except for the statement I received on -/-/-. I was given instruction to fax a letter explaining my situation which I did earlier today. In that letter I explained as above that I never received any statement or notification of a delinquent account. I also stated that the $110.00 original charge for the Costco membership renewal was likely valid since I do use Costco and I am willing to pay that amount in full but was told that the representative is not authorized to received payment unless it was in full payment of $290.00. I am not sure of what my right as a consumer in this situation and I am seeking the assistance of this consumer protection agency.

Citibank customer in Nevada
Jan 19, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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