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Delinquent account

Citibank Credit card department,

Delinquent account New Hampshire

I was delinquent on a Citibank Credit Card. The account was passed onto a collection agency. The collection agency and I agreed to a settlement but asked me to make minimum payments until I was able to come up with the lump sum. I asked if payments would be credited and counted towards settlement and collector said yes. My employer sent in a - payment for me -/-/-. Citi cashed the check but then put a hold on crediting my account. Thus making the account appear unpaid per the agreement with debt collector. Several WEEKS went by and the account was returned to Citibank. I received a bill dated -/-/2016. I was asked to pay entire amount. I called CITIBANK spoke with an agent and asked if i should make a minimum payment? I was told NO. Wait until we finalize our review of the $300.00 Payment ( THAT WAS ALREADY CASHED MIND YOU ) sent in -/-/2016. I called in a week later to check the status on the $300.00 payment and to see if I could finalize the already agreed upon Settlement $3900.00 minus the two payments totaling $500.00 ( which I was told by - - - ) it was approved by their client CITIBANK. I was told to call back again. I called back two weeks later only to find out that the account had been CHARGED OFF and was now reflecting so on my Credit Reports. My credit has taken an enormous Credit Score hit and I am now having difficulty leasing a vehicle. If I am approved, I will be required to pay at a much higher interest rate along with a large down payment that otherwise, would not have been required. I would like CFPB to send a dispute letter to Citibank and simply ask them to review ALL recordings. I wou ld also like the CHARGE OFF removed from my credit while honoring the settlement agreement I had in place with the collection agency that CITIBANK assigned to the file.

Citibank customer in New Hampshire
Jan 17, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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