WAKEFIELD & ASSOCIATES, INC. Debt Collection Complaint

Medical Disclosure verification of debt not given enough info to verify debt

WAKEFIELD & ASSOCIATES, INC. Debt collection department,

Medical Disclosure verification of debt Not given enough info to verify debt Texas

On -/-/-, a collections account from " Wakefield & Associates '' was added to my credit reports ( -, -, & - ). I did not recognize this accounts and immediately contacted the collector. I was told on - occasions that I owed a collective balance of $5000.00 to a hospital in -. I was not provided with any information to verify the debt besides a hospital name as the Creditor. I contacted the hospital and it was confirmed that I do not have a balance with the hospital. I contacted Wakefield again with a telephone no. for the hospital to verify this and the agent refused to assist in verifying the absence of the debt they claim I owe. I asked for specifics on the debt ( it was stated that they are trying to collect on - visits to the hospital ). I was told they could not disclose the information on the specific accounts, only the amounts - no dates of service, etc. I have never received any written communications in regard to the alleged debt, although I did provide my current mailing address. I have verified with my insurance co. and the hospital that there is no balance owed. The collector refuses to provide an account number or proof of debt. The original creditor states there is no existing debt, that it was paid by my insurance company at the time of service.

WAKEFIELD & ASSOCIATES, INC. customer in Texas
Jan 06, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

WAKEFIELD & ASSOCIATES, INC. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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