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I received a call form - County of Government - on -/-/-. The caller asked that I call - for more information on the case. I called the number, which turned out to be a debt collector working on behalf of Western Sky. The representative said I bounced a check in -/-/- and wanted to know if I wanted to settle the matter now. I thought it was strange because I commisssioned a debt consolidation company to pay off all of my debts and this one was not included. The gentleman asked my name and proceeded to state my last - of my SSN. When he stated the address, the address mentioned was n't my address. I stopped him and ask for documentation of proof, since the information he was giving was incorrect. He began to raise his voice, so I hung up the phone. The representative in turn, call my phone at least 4 times leaving harrassing message calling me a scum and telling me I had no intentions of paying the debt, I waited and then call him letting him know what ( this scum ) would do. I do n't know who this person is/was and I really do n't want to know. But his behavior and the threatening manner in which he spoke to me was/is unacceptable.

Delbert Services customer in Indiana
Oct 31, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Delbert Services response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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