Delbert Services Debt Collection Complaint

Payday loan Taking/threatening an illegal action threatened arrest/jail if do not pay

Delbert Services Debt collection department,

Payday loan Taking/threatening an illegal action Threatened arrest/jail if do not pay New Jersey

I have now - companies, - claiming to be a legal processing center ( goes by - - - ) and the other claiming to be a pre-trial intervention company ( whose phone number appeared on - ), both stating that they will submit my case '' unless I pay them restitution '' or I will face charges including theft by deception and fraud, stating that I 've gone against federal banking regulations for payday loans that I have received many years ago. They state that I must pay immediately or the case is leaving their office, for my district court house, that same day. Both offices have stated that they do not accept checks, due to bad check issues, nor do they give out and physical address, for safety concerns, and will only mail me something upon completion of payments. I have also done an online chat with a legitimate

members, discussing this matter and have threatened my mother, stating that her name is on these documents. I was only able to obtain a - - number from the - company, as neither has a website or any contact information other than a phone number. I feel that I was also victimized by the - company 2 years ago in a similar scam regarding this same payday loan, which I did pay them for fear of legal charges, again from many years ago. This new pre-trial intervention, which only has the name - -, also yelled at me and hung up on me, after me questioning their valid existence. I have received nothing in writing or in the mail from either, they stated only the court summons or arrest warrants would serve as documentation, also this loan does not appear on my credit report.

Delbert Services customer in New Jersey
Oct 22, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Delbert Services response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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