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Charged fees or interest I didn't expect

Delbert Services Payday loan department,

Charged fees or interest I didn't expect Pennsylvania

You took out the loan with Western Sky Financial - - -. The original loan amount was $2600.00 on - -, 2012. I was charged an APR of 139.12 % daily. I have already paid $6100.00. - back on this loan. I live in Pennsylvanian and payday loans are illegal. I did not know this at the time that is was not legal for them to charge me this excessive amount of interest. I have paid $3500.00 over what was originally borrowed but I still receive calls from them daily requesting payment of a balance of $2000.00. This new balance is only because they have reduced the illegal interest to 6 % daily. I do not believe I owe this additional amount because I have already repaid my loan and a fair amount of interest on that loan. When I took out the loan they misrepresented the terms and conditions on the loan. According to those terms I would have had to pay back $14000.00 for a $2600.00 loan! I would have never agreed to this if the terms were clearly explained.

Delbert Services customer in Pennsylvania
Sep 23, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Delbert Services response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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