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Delbert Services Credit card department,

APR or interest rate Michigan

I took out a short term loan with Western Sky Financial , LLC in - in the amount of $5000.00 with an interest rate of 116.73 %. Monthly payments, automatic debit in the amount of $480.00. I made the payments on time via auto withdrawal. On - -, - I received an email from Western Sky stating that my loan was transferred to -. I tried to pay the loan in full on - -, - but was told by the customer service rep. that I had to pay an additional $35000.00. I continued to make payments even after I learned that Western Sky was under investigation by the State of Michigan for issuing - loans. I questioned the interest rate of my loan but never received a response instead my loan was transferred on - -, - to a company named Delbert Services. The Delbert Services representatives contacted me and told me that they were hired to collect the money for Western Sky. The Delbert representatives had me to log onto their website and set up an account. I followed the instructions and when I reviewed my account they did not have my correct loan date or pymts on

validating the debt, however I continued to make the outrageous payments for a few more months until I realized on my credit report that Delbert was reporting that I owed $40000.00, so I stopped payment & in response they began harassing phone calls from unknown numbers, sometimes there would be - people on the phone. In reply I wrote a letter to Delbert Corporation asking that they only respond in writing. I tried to dispute the debt again and asked that they correct my file and they refused, so I stopped payment in - of -. On - -, - I finally received a call from a - - -, she was told me that they would settle my account for $7100.00 and I had 15 days to pay that amount. I asked her how do I owe them $7100.00 when I have already paid well over $5000.00. She also requested that I make up the missing - pymts and I did. I also told her that since I was a single mother I did not have $7100.00 on hand, so her other option for me was to pay $500.00 for 10 months, and if I choose neither option the interest rate would stay and I would pay a total of $40000.00, because the interest had to be paid. In - of - I tried to reach out to Delbert again to get my credit cleared. The representative that I spoke with told me to make a lump sum payment of $480.00 which was the amount in arrears and my account would be current. I did that on - different occasions then in - of - I started receiving emails requesting to settle. A woman by the name of - told me that if I made - payments of $330.00 at an interest rate of 89 % they would remove the $40000.00 balance and clear my credit. - - told me that I had to send the money via - -. Due to my credit taking a major hit I decided to follow through and make the payments until - -. I made the pymts on time, but on - -, - I attempted to make my payment but - - kept kicking it back stating that the account was non-existent. I tried to reach Delbert with no luck. - - -, - I receive an email from - asking that I send payment to them at money gram code -. This company has not be been truthful in their debt collections practices. I have paid this company in full $12000.00 plus, thus I respectfully request that Western Sky, -, Delbert Services honor this as paid in full and notify the credit bureaus that this account is paid in full. I have paid - different agencies with no end in sight.

Delbert Services customer in Michigan
Apr 11, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Delbert Services response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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