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I am writing to complain about Wells Fargo checking account services and have decided to close my checking account ( no joking ), because Wells Fargo is the worst bank I have ever seen in providing checking account services. On -/-/2017, I received a call from a so-called Wells Fargo banker via a mobile number -, -, OR. He said that he wanted to verify some personal information with me. Being in public and without me further questioning his real identity, I declined his request and wanted to schedule another time for talking on phone. However, he said that he could not even call me even if he was on the phone at that time. I think this is really ridiculous and finally we agreed that I would call him another time with his numbers. On -/-/2017, I tried to use the debit card on - to send money to my friends.The transaction was unsuccessful and the instant email from Wells Fargo said that my account had been closed and delivery preferences had also been updated to the mail one. This really makes me angry

debit card product. I also want to share another story. When I tried to open the Wells Fargo checking account on line, I used my - credit card to fund the account for $50.00. The payment authorization was made in late -/-/-. The funny thing was that the money was debited in mid -/-/-. Being unable to verify the source of the charge with my card issuer -, I reported this transaction as fraud and my Wells Fargo checking account was closed, or suspended more specifically. To solve this problem, I went to a Wells Fargo branch in -, CA to verify everything, including original and hard copy of SSN card and Driver 's License, and was informed that my account online access would be restored in a moment. However, it was another funny thing that after 3-business-day wait I still could not access my account online and had to call in to get problem solved. I firmly believe it is so much hassle to deal with Wells Fargo. In order to avoid further hassles with Wells Fargo, I firmly request that my Wells Fargo checking account should be closed and the money on the account, around $49.00, should be mailed to me by a check. Like Wells Fargo can change my account delivery preference at its sole discretion, I also want to limit how Wells Fargo should reach me. I wo n't accept any calls from Wells Fargo even if I have filed the complain online with my phone number on file. Everything should be done in written format.

Wells Fargo & Company customer in California
Apr 05, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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