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Hello- I tried opening up a bank account with a credit union today. However, I was told that I was denied because of information that was submitted to - and -. The information that was disclosed to them about me was that I did several fraudently transactions to try and get money. However this is not a true statement or reflection of my character ... I have NO arrests and now they are making me feel like I 'm a criminal. As I recall, back in late -/-/- I was diagnosed with -. I was in and out of the hospital. I ca n't recall any transactions that they are stating that I did. I would NEVEr do anything fraudently. Today, I was told that this would stay on my report for 5 years. My health is better and I 'm working now ( I am a - and have been for almost 20 years except I had to leave for medical purposes ). I want this deleted from my file. This is not a true reflection of me. I have to thank - for keeping me alive. I want to dispute this and I want this to go away

I am deeply requesting that all of this is being disputed and that it gets removed from - and - as soon as possible. My next pay date is -/-/- and I am desperately asking that all of this information changes so that I can have a fresh start. I do n't recall these transactions but I have young kids and I have overcame many obstacles since my illness. I should n't have to be denied opening an account and then BOA is putting information that is not only embarrassing to me personally but if they could have saw how the bank manager looked at me when I tried opening that account. Under FCRA, I do n't deserve to be looked upon this way and I also believe that if an account was opened and this occurred, that BaoA would have reached out to me and we could have come to a resolution.

Bank of America customer in Florida
Apr 05, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Bank of America response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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