AmeriCollect Debt Collection Complaint

Medical False statements or representation attempted to collect wrong amount

AmeriCollect Debt collection department,

Medical False statements or representation Attempted to collect wrong amount Nevada

I received a bill from Americollect on - -, - for $250.00 for the services of - - of Nevada. The issue with this bill is that my insurance provider at the time, Nevada - -, is in Permanent Receivership. Had my insurance provider not been in Receivership I would have had a zero co-pay for - services. This was communicated to - - of Nevada and they are well aware that under the Permanent Receivership, " The - will focus initial efforts on two parallel goals : ( 1 ) avoiding disruption in the delivery of health care to the Enrollees for the period that they are entitled to receive such care from - ( ending no later than - -, - ), and ( 2 ) maximizing payment to Providers and creditors for services rendered initially during the receivership period ( which commenced on - -, - ) and thereafter for amounts owed for services rendered before that date.

Specifically, the Permanent Receivership Order provides at pages - and - : All providers of health care services, including but not limited to physicians hospitals, other licensed medical practitioners, patient care facilities, - and - facilities, - companies or managers, and any other entity which has provided or agreed to provide health care services to members or enrollees of -, directly or indirectly, pursuant to any contract, agreement or arrangement to do so directly with - or with any other organization that had entered into a contract, agreement, or arrangement for that purpose with - are hereby permanently enjoined and restrained from : SEEKING PAYMENT FROM ANY SUCH MEMBER OR ENROLLEE FOR ANY AMOUNT OWED BY - ; Interrupting or discontinuing the delivery of health care services to such members or enrollees during the period for which they have paid ( or because of a grace period have the right to pay ) the required premium to - except as authorized by the Receiver or as expressly provided in any such contract or agreement with - that does not violate applicable law ; Seeking additional or unauthorized payment from such - members or enrollees for health care services required to be provided by such agreements, arrangements, or contracts beyond the payments authorized by the agreements, arrangements, or contracts to be collected from such members or enrollees ; and Interfering in any manner with the efforts of the Receiver to assure that - members and enrollees in good standing receive the health care services to which they are contractually entitled. '' Thus, as Ordered in the Permanent Receivership, IT IS UNLAWFUL to attempt to collect ANY amount owed by the -.

AmeriCollect customer in Nevada
Nov 27, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

AmeriCollect response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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