Rash Curtis and Associates Debt Collection Complaint

Medical False statements or representation attempted to collect wrong amount

Rash Curtis and Associates Debt collection department,

Medical False statements or representation Attempted to collect wrong amount California

What the company " Rash Curtis and Associates '' did was add my social security number without my consent to a bill that they have allegedly say is my bill. At the moment I was getting a lot of calls from this company and they never left a voicemail stating what they wanted which was annoying ; so to solve the issue I returned the call and that 's when they said they had a bill in my name BUT THAT THE SOCIAL SECURITY I GAVE THEM DID NOT MATCH. i told them that it was not me and made the biggest mistake of my life by giving them my social security number over the phone so they could write it down and enter it on a case that they originally had as someone else. Now on my credit report it states that, not only do I owe them over $2300.00 which is not what they had stated earlier, but that I also use other social security numbers to identify myself which makes me look like I steal identities. So now they want the fall

know if it 's my bill or not. I was never told that there would be interest rates, that the amount would go up, and that they would ruin my credit report. In the credit report it can clearly be seen that once they got social security number by me saying it, they added it to the case and right away sent that to the credit company. Now they say that they ca n't take anything off. THEY CLAIM WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT THEY NEVER ADDED MY SOCIAL SECURITY WITHOUT MY CONCENT but yet when I ask them if they have my social security on file they say they do. How did they get it when they did not have it before? Obviously because I opened my mouth to tell them this is my social so the bills not mine. I told them to resolve the issue since they added my social without permission. They told me exactly this " Oh my god " my name '' why are you saying that. We never did that '' When they clearly did. I asked them if they were the ones that put on my credit report that I go by - different social security numbers and the person I spoke with named - said no. That they did not do that. When I called - they stated that they indeed do that and that they also added the negative charges to my account starting in -/-/- and -/-/- which was when they got my social security number from me and entered it in their files WITHOUT MY CONSENT. They stated that because my address matches and my name matches that they can prove it was me. Anyone can get anything like that including my birthday BY MAIL!!! By going through my trash or finding mail of mine that does n't mean it was me now does it? They said it all matched so I stated that yes, it matched and did the social security match? NO! Because when I first called to resolve this issue I was told over and over again that the social they had was not mine and that the person who was responsible for the bill gave a different social security number so now I told them that they record everything and should have record when they tell me it 's not my social security because obviously a stranger ca n't get that easily. There was also a call where I ask the girl if the guy I previously spoke with added my social security number and deleted the one they originally had and she swore he did not do that, but now everything proves that he did. I called them several times telling them that they need to take my social security number off their files and take those negative statements off my credit report after they illegally used my social security number without my consent on a bill that 's not mine and they said they ca n't do that, and that I need to pay in order for them to do anything, but they could easily ruin my credit report.

Rash Curtis and Associates customer in California
Aug 11, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Rash Curtis and Associates response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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