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Medical Communication tactics used obscene/profane/abusive language

Choice Recovery, Inc. Debt collection department,

Medical Communication tactics Used obscene/profane/abusive language Ohio

A Choice Recovery associate contacted me on - -, 2016 regarding what he asserted were several small, accumulating balances for which he was attempting to collect. The collection associate calling me was from a local phone number so I requested his business line to confirm the validity of his identity. I advised him that I would hang up and call him right back, which I did. There are too many scams to readily provide my credit card information over the telephone. I received his voicemail and requested a return phone call. In the interim, I called the business with whom the balance originated from ( as initially explained by this collector ). I spoke to a representative who stated she looked at all possible scenarios of where my account may have been placed for collections. Not only did she state that I did not have a balance, but that I was entitled to a refund which she said I should anticipate within 2 weeks.

to was wrong and that he would have these balances reported to my credit bureau. I explained that I would obtain written documentation and send to him. The associate became audibly agitated and then proceeded to tell me that the conversation was being recorded. In my professional experience, I am knowledgeable that if a phone call is being recorded that it must be stated at the beginning of a call and I stated the same to the associate. The representative then accused me of being nasty. I simply replied, in a non-threatening tone that he was being nasty, not me. The representative then stated and I quote, " Okay, I 'm terminating this call because apparently I 'm -. '' I was baffled and I believe I replied something to the effect of, " Okay, have a nice weekend. '' I reflected on the call for a few moments and decided to call the company back and ask for a manger. In short, I spoke to a female manager who indicated she would review the call and call me back. In fact, I did receive a return phone call from a polite associate, who through research, I found to be the Compliance Officer. Although she offered an apology and indicated the associate with whom I had originally spoken to had received corrective action, I am still incensed that a person representing a company would engage in such a demeaning and unprofessional manner. I happen to have ancestry which was subject to the -. Such comments are not to be made with total disregard and arrogance. Additionally, I took offense that in response to me stating I would provide documentation to him, he replied that this would be on my credit bureau. He was not simply informing me of the possible scenarios, it was stated with threatening overtures.

Choice Recovery, Inc. customer in Ohio
Jun 03, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Choice Recovery, Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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