Mariner Finance, LLC Consumer Loan Complaint

Installment loan Problems when you are unable to pay

Mariner Finance, LLC Consumer Loan department,

Installment loan Problems when you are unable to pay Maryland

Adverse credit report by Mariner Finance. I have a loan with Mariner finance. I was late for 30 days in month of - 2015. The 30 day late payment was reported. In addition, the account was closed ; placed in collection and these information was reported on my credit report. This information has adversely affected my credit report and score. The problem here are : I was late for 30 days in - 2015 : B. I moved out of my apartment in - - 2015 and my address changed. I traveled out of the country on -/-/2015 and returned on -/-/2015. I never received any late payment notice or

C. My financial credibility has been damaged by Mariner Finance because of these misleading information. D. They want to ruin my credit so that I will have no option to borrow but Mariner Finance and they can impose their predatory loan and high interest rate on me. E. How do you close and account and report it as in collection. Without proper notice to the borrower ; I was late in - 2015 because I was out of town. F. I think this account needs to be looked into and all changes made as soon as possible because of the importance of good financial credibility otherwise I will have to seek litigation. Sincerely

Mariner Finance, LLC customer in Maryland
Feb 07, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Mariner Finance, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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