Mariner Finance, LLC Consumer Loan Complaint

Installment loan Problems when you are unable to pay

Mariner Finance, LLC Consumer Loan department,

Installment loan Problems when you are unable to pay North Carolina

I was approved for a Title Loan from - -, Part of deal was to pay off old debt with Mariner Finance. I am - and on ly receive -, So I am judgement proof. SO after Mariner receive. The create a second loan for $250.00 stating my original was paid in less then in full. and do a charge off and report on my credit report as bad debt reported for collections. Mariner is a Predatory Finance COMPANY. i WOULD urge OTHERS TO STAY AWAY FROM them. Originally WHEN THEY BOUGHT OUT - - OF -, -. I WOULD N'T PUT UP WITH THERE HARASSMENT, SO I DISCONNECTED MY NUMBER. THE WENT IN TO MY ORIGINAL HARD COPY PAPERWORK KEPT IN THE BACK ROOM TO FIND MY REFERENCES. SOME MALE COLLECTOR FROM OUT OF TOWN. CALLED E- POLICE - -. WHO HAPPENS TO BE A NEIGHBOR. HE STATED TO HIM BACK IN - OF -. THAT HE WAS A RECRUITER FOR THEM AND I FILLED OUT A JOB APPLICATION. HE COULD N'T REACH ME AND WAS HOPING - HAD MY NEW NUMBER.

Bad Debt ; Placed for collection ; ( - ) - MARINER FINANCE , LLC - -, - MARINER FINANCE , LLC has flagged your account as Bad Debt ; Placed for collection ; ( - ). Alert Type : Potentially Negative Found On : - -, - Potentially Negative Alerts notify you when one of your accounts has reported information that may negatively impact your credit score. Additional Info Please review the details of the alert for information that may indicate identity theft. If you feel you are a victim of identity theft, follow the steps below to ensure your personal information is secure. Alert Date- -, - Source- CompanyMARINER FINANCE, LLC Payment StatusBad Debt ; Placed for collection ; ( - ) Status Date- -, - Balance $0.00 Balance Date- -, - - - - -, - - If you feel you are a victim of identity theft, please contact a - Specialist at -.

Mariner Finance, LLC customer in North Carolina
Jan 18, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Mariner Finance, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

Consumer disputes how Mariner Finance, LLC handled their complaint

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